Hair Follicle Test Facts – What are they for?

 There are many things to learn about hair drug screening. This is the time when a sample of hair is used in order to know what drug the person used. This can also measure the drug molecules. The same is also true with other specific metabolites which are being produced after the consumption of drug. This may then be processed by the body. It would not hurt to learn more about hair follicle test facts.

Aside from the mentioned, it is also the time when the metabolites are to be traced. These are going to be inserted in the hair follicle of the person. This happens through the bloodstream. There is a standard hair follicle too which goes on a certain period of time. This is the span when it can still be utilized for the test. There is just a susceptible variation of the time though. This depends upon the rate the hair grows. Through this, a sample will be cut from the hair. This one should be real close to that of the scalp. It has to be the most recent cut from it too. Probably, 3.9 cm of it will have to be tested. There are those asking, would it be needed to go back after 90 days? This may be questioned because as mentioned, there is a time period that is limited, most especially to that of the length. It needs to be the standard of 90 day in history.

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Using the standard hair test, what kind of drugs have to be detected? Well, there is a plenty like Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine. These are just among the options though. The hair which has been obtained from the head, on its crown actually may grow for lie 1.3 cm. This is the approximate length of it and it may be observed on a monthly basis. This rate of growth may vary though. It depends upon the situation. Time variation may indeed be possible.

For those wondering if the hair of the body may be used for the drug testing too, then the answer is yes.  The rate of the growth of such hair can be way slower though. This is true unlike the hair. Most of the hair found within the body will be replaced just a year. This is said to be challenging and this may represent a standard result with the substances in the hair. This will be detected even after a year ago. This is true for as long as drug is still in the blood stream of the individual.

So – how much hair is really necessary? Basically, 40+ milligrams would be fine. This will amount to like 50 to 70 strands. These can also go up until that of 3.9 cm. This is true for the length as well. The pigment and the thickness of the color will also be different. This is in accordance to the head hair. This is said to be the real basis of the variation that there is. These should all be remembered.